How to Make a living online in Canada

You dream of living a simple life, in a beautiful quiet rural setting, away from the rat race. The Canadian Dream, the back woods, the outdoors,

Maybe you were born in such a place, and nostagia  calls you back there, but the harsh reality of wondering how you will make a living prevents your dreams from being realized. Well, this does not need to be the case.

Maybe you dream of moving there, and need to take time to learn the skills of  a homegrown lifestyle. All things take time, including learning how to grow your food, maintain your home, ect… Time your boss and society would have you dedicate to working at a job and commuting.

There are ways how to make a living online in Canada. Even in the beautiful back woods, or on iscolated islands, you can get reliable internet connection, you can have your own buisness, and sell to billions of people online. No matter how iscolated your dream home of indpendance and freedom is from the rat races of thriving cities, for an investment of around 1$ per day, and a couple of hours each day, you can grow your own independant living from anywhere you choose to be in the world.

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  1. Linda

    This is so true! I grew up in a very small rural town but the jobs there are nonexistent. While my husband and I currently live in a city, I know one day we will move to a country town again. I have no doubts that Wealthy Affiliate will help us get there.

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