You can make your living online. Building your own website and promoting products on it, such as I suggest in my plan for Homegrown Prosperity is only one way to do so, if a method with proven success. But selling isn’t for everybody. Some people are shy of selling and promoting, or grow burned out on it after time.

So I have researched another independent, work at home opportunity that is more like a job than a business, but you can still be self employed as an independant contractor in this business and have all the tax benifits of a home business, while not being responsible for any selling if you don’t want to.

This is still a way to make your living with online business.

It does not cost, you have to apply to the program and pass a series of tests to become a transcriber. You need to qualify by typing 70 words per minute, have a well versed vocubulary, be able to understand accents.

An online business either supplies a service or a product. This one supplies a service. Payment is per word, and the average person earns between 11$ -15$ per hour.  The work is sporadic, but the busy season is February and March, a time when a lot of seasonal work is not happening.

The company is a Canadain company, serving businesses worldwide with a transcribing service. Here’s a link to Accutrang and the work online opportunity that they offer.