The Super Afffiliate Handbook,

by Rosalind Gardner

Super Affiliate Handbook

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Are you interested in owning your own online business, but don’t know where to begin. I reccomend reading the Super Affiliate Handbook, by Rosalind Gardner. Its a great starting point when you absoulty know nothing about Affiliate Marketing. That is the stage I was in when I looked it up online and bought it. I found it mentioned in a book about Career Success Without  A Real Job. I was experiencing a struggle between wanting to make a decent living with my partner and wanting to continue living the life of freedom I always have. I was upset about not getting to go on what I considered an important family road trip because my partner couldn’t get a week off from his full time job.

I bought the  Super Affiliate Handbook when I first became interested in Affiliate Marketing. I found it a well written, informative introduction to the business. I recommend it in my Prosperity in 1 Hour a day program. I read the book, then began trying to implement the vast knowledge contained within it. Rosalind Gardener shares her own personal affiliate success story in the Super Affiliate Handbook as well. It is inspiring. The personal story tells how she went from a high stress job with great benifits that was taking its toll on her health to making over 500 000 in one year selling other people’s products.

What you get in the Super Affilaite Handbook

  • Story of true to life Affiliate Success
  • Links to helpful resources
  • Step by Step instructions of how to achieve this success for yourself


The price was on sale for 27.95$ I found it a great value for what it is. Personally, I thought I could learn it all from this book and got stuck in technical aspects of choosing a niche and building a site. I needed to connect with others, ask questions, and it took me months to admit this. I like it when I can learn how to do something right out of a book. This was not the case for me personally with affiliate marketing, but the Super Affilaite Handbook was a great place to start.