Does this post belong here ?What is the difference between farming and homesteading? People joke around about what a farmer I’ve become since I moved off of my boat to 10 acres in the backwoods with my husband to grow a garden and keep bees.

I was going to get a pig last year to grow for meat. More specificaly, I was going to get a pig if my deer hunting was unsuccessful and then I got a deer on the last day of the season. In doing my research about getting a pig, I learned that you have to get 2 of them. Because one pig does not do so well on its own. That the economics of having backyard pork is that you can sell one or in our case, probably one and one half, to pay for the cost of doing it, of all the food and care that it would take to raise a pig. My husband works in a restuarant, so I was thinking we would haveĀ  a lot of food scraps around to feed it. Our pig could have fine pub grub… I was going to name it Steven Harper, after our dignified Prime Minister of Canada. I was thinking of a polician to name our second pig after as well. My neice said

“what are you going to do, have an election to determine which one you will eat first.”

I was going to post amusing pictures of the life of my pig, and then watch the fiasco around the place when I post on Facebook that I am killing him tommorrow….Maybe not with the new anti terroism laws. Might have some military preventing me from butchering my own livestock

I looked into constructing a trout pond, and still think that ducks would be the best livestock that could thrive in our yard. They would have a natural food source with all the slugs. But still, I don’t think I’m a farmer.

The difference is this…. A farmer intends to make a living with theĀ  produce and livestock itself.

I intend to grow produce and livestock in a way where the surplus pays for doing it, but I make my living online writing about it, like I am doing here, sharing my knowedge of how, and the experiences of the journey to make it happen. I am growing this food to feed my family, and trade locally in my community.

That would make me a homesteader.

I intend for myself, friends and relatives to be able to have honey from the flowers of the islands, the sweetness of our summer’s nectar, not for it to be sold commercially to pay the bills., and we only get whats left. So many people dream of homesteading, and do not quite see how to make this a reality. But it can be done, and this site has the tools to help you too make it happen. Check it out here.