Everyone knows someone who either had cancer or died of it. Most people are related to such a person. If the cancer victim in your life is a parent or grandparent or both, you will also hear afterward a lot of talk about how the origins of the disease may be genetic. It tends to run in families. Your doctor may think you need to get tested more because of family history. To add to the loss of your family member is the dread that you may be next, that the odds are even worse for you than they are for everyone in general.

If you are prone to having anxiety about disease, this may trigger it in a big way, particularly if you are still slowly getting over the loss of your loved one. Especially if you sat by their bedside while they were suffering and felt trace elements of your loved one’s pain in your own body. Especially if you wished somehow that you could help them face their time of trial and felt helpless in doing so. If you spent many nights feeling the presence of your loved one close by, comforting you, only to have it fade into the nightmare of the cancer that killed your loved one also being present, as if it lurks in the night searching for another victim to devour.

Maybe you experience some symptoms and think that they may be psychosomatic because of your recent experience. But your doctor still thinks you should get tested because of family history.

People tell you, “put that thought out of your mind.” Thinking about a disease increases your chances of getting it. Losing sleep lowers your immunity to disease in general. Being stressed out doesn’t help either. But this is easier said than done.

Putting that thought out of your mind may feel like procrastination or denial. It comes creeping back in moments when your guard is let down. It takes energy to keep that thought out of your mind and when the energy is depleted, the thought comes back, along with the anxiety.

The thing to do is to change your fear to empowerment. You do this by taking action. There are some small ways in which you can take charge of your health in this kind of situation, both the potential disease and the dread that you may be more likely to get it than other people.

You think of what you don’t want. Same thing as everyone doesn’t want. You don’t want to get cancer. The thought of it is empowered by your feeling of fear and dread.

Then, think instead of what you do what. You want to feel strong and healthy, feel good inside your own body. Empower that thought with feelings. Good feelings just as strong as the fear that came creeping in there. Do something physical that you enjoy, that makes your body feel good. You can make yourself more healthy, and give yourself more vitality.

You can also detox whatever toxins may be accumulating in your body, either from the stress of losing your loved one and having the scare, or from the world that is always feeding us crap likely to make us sick.

We don’t have to let it make us sick. You can read all the personal accounts online of people who say they cured their own cancer with common natural and household items, such as apple cider vinegar, broccoli juice, baking soda and cannabis oil, (if you live in a place where it is legal and available) A lot of these items, along with their positive story online will not hurt you if you try them, and will ease the dread of disease that comes creeping in with the sadness of losing a loved one to cancer and all the literature and talk about the causes being genetic. I am not a doctor to give medical advice, but a teaspoon of baking soda in water each day probably won’t hurt you… and it may be a small action you can take so “putting that thought out of your head” doesn’t take a constant battle of willpower that you will lose if ever you get tired or emotionally drained. You don’t have to forcefully evict the thought of dread. You face it, and know that you are taking action that may be helpful. There are also articles about the possibility of cancer being linked to body PH. You can test your saliva with an inexpensive water testing strip and know for yourself if you are in the healthy range of acidity/alkaline balance.


Because the nature of dread is you don’t know if you have an illness or not, so you don’t know if you need to do something or not. But detoxing the body is good for you anyway, and will empower you to detox the mind while you are at it.

Diatomaceous Earth has been said to remove parasites and toxins when used as a gentle internal cleanser, as well as providing the body with trace minerals. Be sure to use a food grade variety if you try this.

Some people swear by turmeric and honey, some people take their health into their own hands with vegetable juice cleanses. Even if all the evidence is anecdotal, there is evidence in medical literature that placebos work on a lot of people who try them. So choose something that resonates with you, something that rings true, and check into whether it may be harmful before trying it. And empower your self with health in the weeks leading up to your test. Honour the memory of your loved one without experiencing the dread of disease.

Just because you may have a family history that includes tragedy doesn’t mean you can’t do a few things to decrease the odds of your getting it.