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prawn dreamThis is a painting I made in a spirit of positive visualization, when becoming a deckhand on a prawn boat was my big ambition in the way of making a living. Fun and adventureous work at sea, for a few months a year, which would make enough for me to live a life of sailing and writing poetry. It worked. The year I made this picture, I found the boat and skipper that allowed me to fish the way I intended to do for 8 years or so. The fishing took place in May and June, so it was done at the beginning of summer, and sometimes it made enough money that if one lived a simple life and was careful, it would be enough for most of the year. Aside from owning my own home, which was a boat during that time, all I wanted from my “work” was enough free time to persue my life of inspiration and adventure. Painting may or may not make you a living, but it is worth doing, and worth taking the time to learn how to do well.

You need not be a starving artist, taking time out from working hard in order to survive, to learn other valuable skills that enrich your life.  With my plan for homegrown prosperity, you can make a living on your own terms and make a meaningful life for yourself at the same time. No one is going to pay you to be a profound deep, philosopher, but it could be more of your own true calling than commuting to an office full of poltics, or being mobbed daily by the public in another line of work.

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  1. Life is about being resilient. I share your love of the outdoors. As a forester, I spent most of my life outdoors. Working a couple months a year and making enough to survive the rest of the time is one way to be able to pursue your dreams. Being a successful network marketer is another.

    When we have financial resilience, we can be free of a job and have the time and money we need to pursue our dreams.

    Hey fellow WAer, check out my website and let me know what you think. Lets play T4T. My comment on this site: Good start, but use more graphics. At least one picture on every page.

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