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In my plan for Indpendence, as well as my plan for Prosperity in 1 Hour a day, I write about overcoming emotional and mental barriers to success using EFT. Here is a service I provide to help you get more effective results than just doing it on your own for free will produce. Of course, EFT is free for everyone to learn, and there is a supported community on the EFT site to help you with it if you need or want more in depth training about the practice in its entirty.

In every tale of myth and magic, when magic happens it is conjured into being by saying the magic words, a poem or a rhyme of some discript that causes the magic to happen. I am a poet, and I can write such a poem for you, as well as show you a technique to use that poem to create the changes you wish to see in your life. The method I use is a techniqe called EFT which works on the body mind connection. Its free to learn the basics, and on the EFT website, you can learn in depth uses of this technique.
Learn EFT (tapping) from founder Gary Craig


I am a poet and an adventurer on the roads of life, more of a fortune teller than a therapist. If you want a scientificly proven method along with an element of maigc, I may be your choice of a helper.

In a philosphy of lifeĀ  called the Human Journey that I have been taught and realized the truth of, I am at an age where the focus of my occupation should be serving others more so than making a name for myself. This is one way that I can use my talents to do this. To see my other site where this is taking place visit MagicWords

I am a person who has found myself able to overcome dozens of problems using this technique, and gaining emotional freedom has helped me gain control over my own life and destiny.

EFT is a word based therapy. As a poet, I can help write out your story of the problem you wish to overcome, and find powerful evocitive phrases to help you get free of your problems.

I have helped over 100 people. I learned the basics online for free, then went to a workshop, watched the complete set of further training DVDs and went out in my world and community and applied what I learned in the real world whenever I had the opportunity to help someone. This is how I am qualified.

This service is being offered by donation. (paypal link here)

I encourage you to donate twice, once upon contact, having me write the poem for you and guide you in its use, and once again when you see results in your life from being free of the problem.

And I thank you if you give me the opportunity to help bring healing to your life with this service, and with this use of my gift of words.



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  1. Brilliant idea Rena. Blessings for much success!

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