When I first started out on my path to find an independant life, I rode away from my family home on a motorcycle when I was 17 years old, in the summertime, thinking I would find temporary work here and there, live on my own and save up money to go to school while getting jobs like babysitting and fruit picking. This was since my family disqualified me from being able to get student loans, and in order to qualify for an education loan, a person has to live independently of the family for 2 years first.

It was a catch 22. You have to live on your own for 2 years to get a loan, however, you need education and experiance in order to get a job. If the internet had existed yet, I could have solved this problem with an online business. This was in the very early days of the internet and I did not discover it right away.

As it was, I chose to tough it out, and hope that something would come up. I was camping out and looking for work that provided accomidation in the winter. Before the 2 years was over, I got into commericial fishing on the west coast and no longer cared to go to school. I loved it, but eventually ran out of opportunity. Here’s his a poem I wrote and recorded about this.

If the internet had existed, I could have spared myself years of poverty and struggle by learning online and running my own online business from the time I left home at 17 with insatable wanderlust to see the country. As I was, I attempted to do this by self publishing cards, poetry books, cds and kid’s stories, and selling them. The living I made at this was marginal at best. If I could have had the training available now at Wealthy Affiliate, I could have greatly benifited

Here are my steps to creating true independence.

1 Own your own home. (and build or fix it up yourself) If you are just starting out on the road to independence, consider alternative housing, such as boats, RVs or building your own portable cabin.
This can be done for under 5000$. If you rent, rent only space, and if you buy a home, rent out the house to pay for the property until its paid for, living in your own other housing. Here is one of mine

one of my early homes

one of my early homes


2 learn how to preserve food, and provision your home with food supplies so that you are always able to eat and make a meal no matter what sort of disaster befalls you or the area around where you live. I grew up making pickles, jam and canned fruit. As soon as I began fishing, I learned to pressure can meat and fish as well.

3 Learn the skills to make your money online. With a laptop and internet connection, you can support yourself wherever life takes you if you establish an online business. Even if you have ambitions of another career choice, making your money with an online business will save you from going into debt for your education. In the event that what you really want to do in life doesn’t pay, you will not be stuck living in poverty because you followed your calling and your dreams. (See Prosperity in 1 Hour a day)

4 Take control over your mental health. Learn EFT. There is not one thing I have encountered more powerful than EFT for helping a person gain control over their mental state and stopping past trauma from reaching its way into the present.

5 Take control over your physical health. In a world that is always trying to make us sick, health must be chosen conciously.

6 Learn to manage your time effectively.

7 avoid/minimize debts. When the time comes to buy property or other things that will take years to pay for, create a source of income to pay for it. IF you are an entrepreneur already, this will be something you can think of.

8 make time in your life for creative practices, personal interests, reflection and deep thinking. This is more important than most people realize. When life gets busy and hectic, these are the things that tend to get forgotten about. But these are the things that will get you through troubled times and make the good times more memorable and meaningful.

The catagory of this blog, Independent Lifestyle has more information about the details of how to do this on a day to day basis.

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