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All About The Homegrown Radio Show

hard at work in the studio

hard at work in the studio


The Homegrown Radio Show

Welcome to the Homegrown Show, and I am your host, Hurricane Rena. The Homegrown show is a radio show played on CKTZ Cortes Island Community radio, 89.5 fm. It’s on from 1-3 Sunday afternoons and features local musicians from Quadra, Cortes, and Vancouver Island. A lot of Canadian music is played, songs that celebrate our unique lifestyle in the islands of the BC Coast and Western Canada in general. You can hear music on my show that you don’t often hear anywhere else, as well as poetry. The Homegrown show began celebrating our unique lifestyle in song during March of 2011, around the time of the super moon, closest the moon will be to the Earth in 27000 years.

If you live out of the area of Cortes Island Radio, or otherwise don’t recieve it live, you can opt in for subscription to get the Homegrown Show emailed to you each week. If there is a past Homegrown show that you would like to listen to, request it by email

In the catagory radio show, I provide links and information about the local musicians who’s songs I regularly feature on the Homegrown show.

This is the music I most often use to make the Homegrown show out of. A lot of this music is made by people who play at local festivals and dances in the islands of the BC coast. The music sold through this website pays a small commission which goes towards sponsoring the Homegrown show, these websites, and promoting Canadian independent music and poetry. The artists are fairly paid for their work through the distrubutor used on this site. Your support helps independent artists and helps uphold freedom of the media through community radio.

To donate towards sponsoring the Homegrown show, which costs 25$ per month, and is my intention to do with these websites in 2015, click here.

To visit Cortes Radio’s own site, click here Cortes RadioTo recieve a link to the Homgrown Show by email, send an email to

Hurricane Rena

I am Hurricane Rena, the host of the Homegrown Radio Show. I came upon the name Hurricane Rena when I was trying to decide what to dress up as for Halloween while a hurricane with the same name as me was wrecking havoc in the Atlantic. The thought occured to me this was a great costume opportunity and the name stuck with me for years after.

I came to the west coast of BC persuing a dream to see and live on the ocean, on a motorbike at the age of 17, where I ended up living on a salvaged boat and producing and selling a book of poetry, learning the skills of indpendence, and an off the grid lifestyle.

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  1. Subject: Radio Fundraising idea

    If you will be attending the Cortes Radio Lip Sync events, maybe you could put one of those coin-drop type boxes at the “Homegrown Show booth” and raise some funds for your show and for the Radio Station. There could be a jar for each radio personality and the public could vote for their favorite shows by putting in coins into the jars of the ones they wish to support…

    I plan to attend the event on Aug.6th and I certainly would put some loonies & toonies in a jar for your show to demonstrate that I like your programming and enjoy listening to your show. It might be a good way for the radio organizers to see which show is the favorite, as yours is for me. Just an idea…

    I just finished listening to your show today. Once again, you outdid yourself on an excellent show!!! I actually laughed out loud hearing the song about the silent band going to Seattle. Brilliant mix of humour and current events, as always.

    Keep up the great work!!!!!

    Cheers and good wishes for magic and wonderment,


    (The Sherri who invited you and Neil to witness our weird wedding on the boat!)

    Hope all is well with you both!

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