Great new flavour

I lived without refrigeration on some of the boats I had, and some that I worked on. To keep a variety of fruit and exotic herb flavored beverages around, I made shrub syrups, which are a tart and sweet flavour concentrated syrup make from fresh ingrediants to preserve seasonal flavours long term. You can use shrubs to flavour soda water, if you have a soda stream or if you have bottles of carbonated water, you can use it to flavour water, or mix in cocktails. You can also use it to sweeten plain teas, or in salad dressings or as a glaze for cooked meats. The shrub syrup has many uses. Here are the flavours I make regularly.

Rhubarb Rose

A bright pink syrup combining the tartness of rhubarb with the floral sweetness of rose petals, this goes well with anything sparkly and bubbly and turns water into an exquiste drink .


The quince is a fruit that tastes much better cooked than raw, like a woody apple, it turns fragrent and floral like a tropical fruit and this shrub will make superb tasting, sophisticated cocktails and spritzers when blended with sparkling water, white wine, or used to flavour water. 

Sugar Plum Spice

Made especially to capture the imagination and flavours of winter’s festivities, this dark red purple drink syrup is a combination of sweet plums blended with spices to create a refreshing combination of flavours to accompany meals or flavour cocktails and spritzers.

Fir Tips

This is a nearly clear shrub that works well in gin drinks, brining the flavour of the forest to your glass, it also makes a sophisticated non alchololic cocktail when blended with sparkling mineral water or served over ice with water.


This one is the queen of all shrub syrups, capturing the flavour of summer’s berries for a warm red drink in all seasons, whether mixed with water or liquor or sparkling wine. It can also be served warm and used to sweeten tea.

New Flavour: Rosehip Hibiscus

This is a brand new flavour of shrub that will be available at Manson’s Landing Market for the first time. Rosehip Hibiscus. Based on a classic rosehip syrup made to prevent colds with concentrated vitamin C from winter’s berries made with honey, this shrub will delight your taste buds and may help winter’s chills from getting a grip on you with its warm red color and hint of tropical flowers.