Hi, the savory sauces are here. My search for flavour without addititves lead me to making chutneys, relishes, BBQ sauce and traditional forms of ketchup. From a Tangy and Savoury Cranberry sauce to relishes and BBQ sauces that are canned in jars, and milder than a hot sauce, full of fruit and vegetable flavours more so than spice, there is something for everyone. All are sodium free, with minimal sugar (if any) as well as gluten/ wheat free. These are only available at Hurricane Rena’s booth in live markets and only for sale within BC.

New Flavour

Sweet Chili Plum

Its prawn season now, and this sauce provides a delectable dip for the most succulant seafood, as well as grilled meats, vegetables and cheeses. Made from purple plums and apples grown on the island, and spiced just enough to be bold without being overpowering, this sauce will enthrall your taste buds at home and at cook outs all through the summer.

8 Ball Relish : At cook outs with burgers, sausages or shiskabobs, this brightly colored relish stands out on buns with the grilled food of your choice, just as delicious on a mushroom burger as a meat burger. Or mix it with mayonase or yougart for a sauce for fish.

Crab apple BBQ

perfect for burgers, sausages, chicken, ribs, or in baked beans, this tangy, sweet and spicy BBQ sauce made from Quadra Island produce will liven up your meals with hints of chipotle and paprika amoung other flavours.

Savoury Cranberry

perfect for appitizers with cheese and crackers, or alongside holiday meals, this savoury cranberry sauce  puts a spin on the traditional with a fruity, satisfying savoury flavour. Festive and bright, it will shine on a table with feasts, or along side snacks and lunches.

Chow Chow, both spicy and savoury. This is the traditional pickly green tomato ketchup that was served commonly before processed ketchup was everywhere. It goes great with meat pies, and fried potatoes, anything you would use ketchup for. The spicy version includes fresh cyannes in it, the savoury version does not.

Horseradish Relish, this bright yellow squash relish includes horseradish, dill and mustard for a tangy spicy kick. Enjoy on grilled foods such as burgers, sausages, hot dogs, fish or chicken. Also good mixed with yogart for a dip with chips or veggies.
All sauces are 8$ each and available at up coming markets. You can order in advance by emailing me artisanfoods@hurricanerena.com

Please store the sauces in the jar provided, in refrigerated conditions after opening. They will last up to 4 or 5 months this way. Discard if mold begins to grow. Unopened, and sealed,  they will last a year or more.