Hi, the savory sauces are here. From a Savoury Cranberry sauce to Plum Sweet and Sour, there is something for everyone. All sodium free, with minimal sugar (if any) as well as gluten/ wheat free.

Plum Sweet and Sour; made out of prune plums and blue plums, this sweet and sour will make mouthwatering good chicken or pork with rice, without MSG or artifical food coloring. Its a deep purple maroon in color, featuring the spices of ginger, pepper, cloves, cinnanmon and more. Add sesame oil and a soya sauce or substitute for a spectacular sauce for rice or dipping dumplings or wontons into.

8 Ball Relish : At cook outs with burgers, sausages or shiskabobs, this brightly colored relish stands out on buns with the grilled food of your choice, just as delicious on a mushroom burger as a meat burger. Or mix it with mayonase or yougart for a sauce for fish.

Crab apple BBQ

Savoury Cran Apple

Chow Chow, both spicy and savoury.


All sauces are 8$ each and available at up coming markets. You can order in advance by emailing me artisanfoods@hurricanerena.com