Hi, I am Hurricane Rena. I live on the BC coast. I got the name Hurricane Rena when I was working in a light house in October, getting out close to Halloween and trying to decide what to dress up as on my first night out in a month. It just so happened to be a hurricane with the same name as me was wrecking havoc in the Atlantic, I thought, “what a costume opportunity!”

The name kind of stuck around for years after.

I believe that adapting to a changing climate,  environmentally, socially and economicly is of vital importance at this point in history, so aim to share my knowledge publicly online in the hopes that it may help and inspire.

I am a poet and an adventurer, as well as an entreprenuer. I have worked in lighthouse keeping and commercial fishing, and traveled through the Northwest Passage on an icebreaker.

These days, I host a radio show on Cortes Island Community radio, and enjoy making quality programing featuring the local music. I write this blog and live a life that is full of color and a wide range of interests. Part of what I do in life is a search for inspriational magic and practical self sufficiancy. I have one hand in the clouds and one hand in the dirt of life at all times. I make sauces, syrups and preserves to capture the homegrown flavours of the islands, of the berries, herbs and trees that grow where I live.