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Steph Cameron

Recently I went to see a singer songwriter perform solo at the Heriot Bay Inn and was introduced to the great original songs of Steph Cameron, which I have been using on the Homegrown show in recent weeks, off of her two albums, Sad Eyed Lonesome Lady and Daybreak over Jackson St.

Some great new music on the Homegrown show

First off, thank you for visiting the Homegrown show’s Website. I have found for you some interesting and unusal songs for the month of January. I am also trying to get more spoken word on the Homegrown show, which means, I will be reviewing submissions of poetry, short stories, essay/talks, or radio plays for future use. I would especially appreciate those created by people on the islands, the west coast of BC, which is the Homegrown area of the Homegrown show.

Some of the highlights from January are

Cold in Canada, a parody recorded by a couple of guys in Manatoba during -45 weather. Uses the song structure of Toto’s Africa.


The Arrogant Worms with Little Leach

The Arrogant Worms with the RCMP song

and Leaving the Lagoon, a song by Glen Foster written about Manson’s Lagoon on Cortes Island, a truly local original written by a visitor from Nanimo.

These are some of the highlights of songs played in January on the Homegrown show. Thanks for listening. Check out the past shows page for full podcasts.

Some Great new Tunes on this weeks Homegrown show

This week was a good one for some new music on the Homegrown show. First of all, Quadra Island musician Cameron Gunn resleased a song off of his new upcoming album, which I was happy to play on the show. Here’s a link to it.

Southern Winds

Also, I found some great new music which is available for free, by New Brunswick musician Sirr, Mark OConner, off of his album liar cake. Here’s a link to their music. Its a new and different sound. The songs played on the Homegrown show were Blue World and Cure for Caner.

Sirr! Liar Cake




Hi everyone. Mishka, the writer of the song Homegrown, “Nothing so sweet as your homegrown” is making a new album, which is available for download through his site. Here’s the link to Mishka’s new album “Roots Fidelity” available

Sunday Dennis

The Homegrown show for January 4, 2015 featured the music of Sunday Dennis, a Quadra Island/Comox Valley musician who’s clear sweet voice sing an awsome album full of orginial songs, except for one, Moonshiner, which is traditional bluegrass, I believe.

She gets played regularly on the Homegrown show. I have her album Bloom. She is also in the automatic playlists at Cortes Radio. I was searching the internet for an online link to promote her album, since she needs to raise 300 000$ for medical treatment as soon as possible, and she has published a good quality album that could do this for her if  people find it and listen.

She is at the moment experiencing a time of dire need, as she has been diagnosed with brain cancer and the better option for treatment to help her survive is not available in Canada. It would be a shame to lose this woman of incredible beauty and talent, from our community and from our world.

A benifit show for her is being held next Saturday night at the Waverly hotel in Cumberland BC.

here’s a link to her video Bloom

here’s a link to her crowdfunding page

here’s a link to some sample songs of hers on Reverbnation

Tim Readman

Here is a  British Canadian artist I have been playing a lot of on the Homegrown Show, His album Into the Red includes such hits as 1000$ ring and On the Brink. His other album, In Black and White, includes They Don’t Write ’em Like that Anymore.


Tim Readman: Into The Red
Tim Readman and Fear of Drinking: In Black & White

Norbery and Finch

Judy Norbery and Joanna Finch recorded an awesome album together, with such hits on it as Black Widow’s Tango and Toad’s Lament, as well as Dreams of the Heart and Moon’s Garden. These sweet ladies from Comox have all original songs and are tremendously creative in style.

Here’s a link to their album Tease for Two

Norbury & Finch: Tease For Two

James Littlehorse

I met James Littlehorse when he was selling and playing his music on the docks in Prince Rupert. His songs about travel in Northern BC and the Yukon hit home for me, as well as the most fabulous west coast fishing song, Devil and the Fisherman, written when he was living around Denny Island and Shearwater.

Going the Distance is the album I have and play from regularly on the Homegrown show


Jim Littlehorse: Goin The Distance

Kate Reid

Kate Reid is a musician from Vancouver, her songs are amusing and heartwarming, as well as thought provoking and deep at the same time. Doin’ it for the Chicks is an album I play from quite a bit on the Homegrown Show. It includes such hits as Captian Cupcake, and Ain’t no Drama Queen.

Kate Reid: Doing it for the Chicks

Here are some links to her other albums if you would like to hear more of her music than what gets played on the Homegrown Show.

Echoing on in Song

Echoing on in Song
(dedicated to the memory of Steve Trayler, written by Rena Patrick)

Steve I remember you best in song
the sound of your voice and guitar echoes on
Writer of some of my favorites,
fellow poet of the west coast
writing ballads of our collective history
Love of stories,
Words connected he and I
Heated debates we had, inspired the creation of Poetry Pigeonhole and
Honouring historic changes within your lifetime with
Non Timber Forest Products
and Valentino
I danced to your songs every chance I got
and made you smile
She left me for Jesus
at the Sunday afternoon jam,
Your pictures present at my very first art show
in the Fools Gallery years ago
when I wondered who you were
along the same lines as mine,
except yours were in fine lines and detail
Mine painted in colors and impressions
a contrast yet similarity in style
Honouring character and place
as it changes and as it stays the same,
With the main work of your career
dedicated to trying to help others
a compassionate man
who tried to understand
The tragic tales that befall those around us,
Driven mad caught between compassion and effectiveness
Turned to the water, and boating
For enjoyment and beauty to be the main thing
to share with others the enjoyment of our waters
without the pursuit of prey,
It was the water that took you on your way
On a quiet night,
a tragedy too soon,
but a way that others would wish to go
with no trips to hospitals or old folks homes,
no lengthy illness to make you dread your fate
That everyone shares at the end of all our days
Just a cold sparkling starlight night for your journey
and all of us here to remember you
Remember you best in song
When we hear your voice echoing on.

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