A couple of years back I had to reduce the amount of sodium in my diet to an extremely low level due to a shocking and scary health concern that could have caused me permanent disability if I didn’t follow the guidelines. As I loved spicing up almost everything I eat with a sauce or condement, I was appauled to see how much salt and sugar, almost everything we like to put on our food contains. I had to start making these items from scratch. It took over a year to find a salt free hotsauce commercially avaialable. Should you find yourself in this sort of predicement, you can find a variety of salt free sauces and flavours to keep your food bursting with flavor and exciting with spice right here on hurricanerena.com, since I am now marketing the products I made for myself since I had to change my diet.

Also, the combination of salts and sugars has been known to trigger an addictive response towards food in the brain and cause over eating. It is not at random that so many processed foods contian these ingrediants in excess. I lost, and kept off for over 2 years, 35 pounds, making this simple change to my diet.

Unfortunatly, one of the healthier choices I was making previously was lacto fermenting a lot of foods, which requiers a substantial amount of salt to be added to make this happen. These sauces are not made that way.

I make the effort to use fresh, local foods whenever possible, supporting the farming efforts of my community and the larger community of Vancouver Island and British Columbia. The wild forged foods used in these sauces are mainly gathered on my property, on Quadra Island, where no spraying ever takes place. I take the ideas from around the world in terms of sauces and spicies, and make it using local ingredients. Each batch is made from scratch, with care and consideration of a product I would make to feed my own family.



Here are three great flavours from Quadra Island


This is a ruhbarb based chili sauce with pequin peppers, which if the plant is grown here, is called the Superchili. Flavoured with rhubarb and herbs, it has a savory, tart flavour complimenting the smokey heat that creeps up like the first sunshine of the year turning to a hot summer, as the sauce is savoured.


Steaming Rainforest This sauce features the mysterious flavours of the towering rain forest and the trees, with lemony hemlock needles and sorrel complemting green chilis and peppercorns. It is the milder of the hotsauces

Heriot Bay Bonfire:

Its a bright and dancing sauce of flavours combining the quick flaring heat of mustards with the slow burning coals of roasted chili peppers, sweetened like an evening cookout on the beach, with yellow and red plums of a variety that grows everywhere on the BC coast where canneries once were, and is the feature of a beautiful local park in Heriot Bay.