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Riches vs Prosperity

You have heard about all those people who win the lottery and are broke within a year or two.

This is more common than you think. It happens because people get sudden wealth without acutally creating prosperity. How much money you have or make has some what to do with the level of prosperity, or genuine fortune you can enjoy, but it is not the main focus. How many times have you heard of rich people going broke? I used to shake my head whenever I heard this. If you were already rich, wouldn’t you be set for life? But no, people keep risking it all trying to get more. This is how people often go from riches to poverty.

I’ve had my share, on a smaller scale of this experience.

Think of it, if you will, years of poverty, barely scraping by with commercial fishing, knowing that you can hit the big fortune, but most likely won’t. But you know that its out there. Then all of a sudden you do, the fish bite. and bite, and bite.  I got hooked into the commercial fishing lifestyle by just such an experiance. There was a rainbow shining through a sunlit shower on the west coast islands, then the rainbow appeared from one side to the other over our fishboat. The fish started biting right then. They were all 20 pound spring salmon. We filled the boat and headed for port, thinking of what wild success we’d had. I walked off the boat a few days later and bought a car, went on a road trip to Alaska, didn’t work again for the rest of the year. I’ll not be one to underestimate the value of that experiance.  Temporary fabulous wealth here and there.

Homegrown Prosperity is something more lasting and permanent

Homegrown Prosperity can include fleeting wealth, but Homegrown Prosperity is something I learned to have in spite of the ups and downs of fishing and getting skunked. Homegrown Propsperity is learning to provide for yourself all of what you need, its having enough, and defining exactly at what point needs turn to wants. Its also calculating the value of your time into the big picture and what else you may want to do with your life. The point at which you become independent.

There’s a moment of revelation

an ephiphany maybe, at which point you realize you have enough. That you don’t have to chase more. Fred Eaglesmith spoke of this moment at one of his concerts I went to. Just before he played the song “Stars” He told a story about when he realized he’d made it as a professional musician. The pride of having made his living on his own terms was what he was speaking of, and singing about in that song.

You too can create homegrown prosperity for yourself

So how about starting on it today? for 1 hour a day. Your job is not going to do it for you. In fact, employers see you being desperate for any work you can get as of being an advantage in their favour and possibly use this as a motivating factor for not really working out workplace problems or giving you the terms of employment that you ask for with them, if you even have the nerve to try, which most people are talked out of before they ever even get a job. So it is not that likely that any job is going to do it, though having a job you enjoy can be part of the plan of your route to Homegrown Prosperity, it really is up to you.


Homesteading vs Farming

Does this post belong here ?What is the difference between farming and homesteading? People joke around about what a farmer I’ve become since I moved off of my boat to 10 acres in the backwoods with my husband to grow a garden and keep bees.

I was going to get a pig last year to grow for meat. More specificaly, I was going to get a pig if my deer hunting was unsuccessful and then I got a deer on the last day of the season. In doing my research about getting a pig, I learned that you have to get 2 of them. Because one pig does not do so well on its own. That the economics of having backyard pork is that you can sell one or in our case, probably one and one half, to pay for the cost of doing it, of all the food and care that it would take to raise a pig. My husband works in a restuarant, so I was thinking we would have  a lot of food scraps around to feed it. Our pig could have fine pub grub… I was going to name it Steven Harper, after our dignified Prime Minister of Canada. I was thinking of a polician to name our second pig after as well. My neice said

“what are you going to do, have an election to determine which one you will eat first.”

I was going to post amusing pictures of the life of my pig, and then watch the fiasco around the place when I post on Facebook that I am killing him tommorrow….Maybe not with the new anti terroism laws. Might have some military preventing me from butchering my own livestock

I looked into constructing a trout pond, and still think that ducks would be the best livestock that could thrive in our yard. They would have a natural food source with all the slugs. But still, I don’t think I’m a farmer.

The difference is this…. A farmer intends to make a living with the  produce and livestock itself.

I intend to grow produce and livestock in a way where the surplus pays for doing it, but I make my living online writing about it, like I am doing here, sharing my knowedge of how, and the experiences of the journey to make it happen. I am growing this food to feed my family, and trade locally in my community.

That would make me a homesteader.

I intend for myself, friends and relatives to be able to have honey from the flowers of the islands, the sweetness of our summer’s nectar, not for it to be sold commercially to pay the bills., and we only get whats left. So many people dream of homesteading, and do not quite see how to make this a reality. But it can be done, and this site has the tools to help you too make it happen. Check it out here.


Super Affiliate Handbook, 2014 review

The Super Afffiliate Handbook,

by Rosalind Gardner

Super Affiliate Handbook

here’s a link

Are you interested in owning your own online business, but don’t know where to begin. I reccomend reading the Super Affiliate Handbook, by Rosalind Gardner. Its a great starting point when you absoulty know nothing about Affiliate Marketing. That is the stage I was in when I looked it up online and bought it. I found it mentioned in a book about Career Success Without  A Real Job. I was experiencing a struggle between wanting to make a decent living with my partner and wanting to continue living the life of freedom I always have. I was upset about not getting to go on what I considered an important family road trip because my partner couldn’t get a week off from his full time job.

I bought the  Super Affiliate Handbook when I first became interested in Affiliate Marketing. I found it a well written, informative introduction to the business. I recommend it in my Prosperity in 1 Hour a day program. I read the book, then began trying to implement the vast knowledge contained within it. Rosalind Gardener shares her own personal affiliate success story in the Super Affiliate Handbook as well. It is inspiring. The personal story tells how she went from a high stress job with great benifits that was taking its toll on her health to making over 500 000 in one year selling other people’s products.

What you get in the Super Affilaite Handbook

  • Story of true to life Affiliate Success
  • Links to helpful resources
  • Step by Step instructions of how to achieve this success for yourself


The price was on sale for 27.95$ I found it a great value for what it is. Personally, I thought I could learn it all from this book and got stuck in technical aspects of choosing a niche and building a site. I needed to connect with others, ask questions, and it took me months to admit this. I like it when I can learn how to do something right out of a book. This was not the case for me personally with affiliate marketing, but the Super Affilaite Handbook was a great place to start.

You can make your living online


You can make your living online. Building your own website and promoting products on it, such as I suggest in my plan for Homegrown Prosperity is only one way to do so, if a method with proven success. But selling isn’t for everybody. Some people are shy of selling and promoting, or grow burned out on it after time.

So I have researched another independent, work at home opportunity that is more like a job than a business, but you can still be self employed as an independant contractor in this business and have all the tax benifits of a home business, while not being responsible for any selling if you don’t want to.

This is still a way to make your living with online business.

It does not cost, you have to apply to the program and pass a series of tests to become a transcriber. You need to qualify by typing 70 words per minute, have a well versed vocubulary, be able to understand accents.

An online business either supplies a service or a product. This one supplies a service. Payment is per word, and the average person earns between 11$ -15$ per hour.  The work is sporadic, but the busy season is February and March, a time when a lot of seasonal work is not happening.

The company is a Canadain company, serving businesses worldwide with a transcribing service. Here’s a link to Accutrang and the work online opportunity that they offer.

How to Make a living online in Canada

You dream of living a simple life, in a beautiful quiet rural setting, away from the rat race. The Canadian Dream, the back woods, the outdoors,

Maybe you were born in such a place, and nostagia  calls you back there, but the harsh reality of wondering how you will make a living prevents your dreams from being realized. Well, this does not need to be the case.

Maybe you dream of moving there, and need to take time to learn the skills of  a homegrown lifestyle. All things take time, including learning how to grow your food, maintain your home, ect… Time your boss and society would have you dedicate to working at a job and commuting.

There are ways how to make a living online in Canada. Even in the beautiful back woods, or on iscolated islands, you can get reliable internet connection, you can have your own buisness, and sell to billions of people online. No matter how iscolated your dream home of indpendance and freedom is from the rat races of thriving cities, for an investment of around 1$ per day, and a couple of hours each day, you can grow your own independant living from anywhere you choose to be in the world.

Feel free to share your thoughts with a comment.


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