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Some Great new Tunes on this weeks Homegrown show

This week was a good one for some new music on the Homegrown show. First of all, Quadra Island musician Cameron Gunn resleased a song off of his new upcoming album, which I was happy to play on the show. Here’s a link to it.

Southern Winds

Also, I found some great new music which is available for free, by New Brunswick musician Sirr, Mark OConner, off of his album liar cake. Here’s a link to their music. Its a new and different sound. The songs played on the Homegrown show were Blue World and Cure for Caner.

Sirr! Liar Cake



Opal Blue

Opal Blue.

This is a famous singer/songwriter from Sonora Island, who played extensively at the HBI in the early days of her career, and is often played on the Homegrown Show.

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