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The Search for Radiation Free Nori Sheets

Hi. I have been searching for radiation free nori sheets to make home made sushi ever since I heard about radation leaking from the disabled melted down nuclear power plant at Fukashima Japan into the Pacific ocean.

The first thing I did after this disaster happened was buy a huge package of both nori and wasabi, which would have been made and exported before it happened. It is now 2014 and I have run out. I have been searching for a Canadian made source of nori sheets, but have not found any. I used to buy nori that was made in Richmond, years ago at the Chinese grocery store in Courteny BC, but since the historic Chinese grocery store closed down, I have not been able to find it. For a while, we made rice balls with sushi rice and fish inside them and rolled them in some locally harvested nori flakes, but it was never quite as good as sushi made with nori wraps.

So I asked at grocery stores and health food stores, at specialty stores and big box stores, if any one knew if the nori they sold contained radiation from the Fukashima nuclear disaster, and if anyone was trying to find a source of nori that was not radio active. Most could not answer.

As a commercial fisher, I realized that our fish and seafood was not being tested for radiation to my knowledge, by buyers or the goverment or anyone. This made me very uneasy. Nori is a seaweed grown off the coast of Japan and China, directly in close proximity to the worst ongoing nuclear disaster the world has ever known. And nowhere is there evidence of the main commercial crops of nori being tested for radiation. No storekeeper that I have encountered, even those who sell “organic” nori sheets can tell me if its been tested for radiation. So I finally found a source that tests thier product daily. Its not a source in BC like I am still hoping to find for some genuine homegrown nori sheets, but at least its tested, both on site and in north America. Here’s a link to the site that sells it.

and here is some information about the product, from their site. I searched for a Canadian, or North American supplier, but did not find one that shipped to Canada. Wonder if the Nori Sheets made in Richmond are still available anywhere? I have searched for them for years, but can not remember the brand name. At least these people are having theirs tested.

Product information

“About our Nori – Organic, Kosher, Radiation FREE Welcome to! Our Raw Organic Nori is:

Certified Organic USDA & EcoCert
Certified Kosher By Orthodox Union
RAW – UN-Toasted UnCooked, our nori is dried at under 85 degrees F.
Sealed in packages of 50 sheets for Freshness
Package has a Zipper Lock Seal to reseal and retain Freshness
100% Radiation and contaminant Free – tested in the USA every batch!

Our product is USDA / Ecocert Certified Organic, as well as Kosher Certified. In addition we also test at a independent Laboratory here in the U.S. for more then 450 potential contaminants including pesticide residues and heavy metals, as well as many different Isotopes of Radiation. Out Nori has come out 100 percent “Non Detectable” in every single category.

We use only 1 species (Porphyra Yezoensis) in ALL of our Nori production. This species is in the Red/Purple Algae family and considered the Highest in Nutrition. ALL of our Nori Sheets, Flakes, and Powder are all made from Porphyra Yezoensis and only the top 15 to 20 percent of Harvest makes are grade for item production. The sheets, powder, and flakes are all USDA Certified Organic, Ecocert Certified Organic and Kosher Certified

Our Nori is available in Flakes, Powder and Full size sushi Nori sheets. The sheets come sealed in a package of 50 sheets.


The Tsunami disaster occurred off the northern coast of Japan on the Pacific Ocean side. Our Nori growing site is in a 4000 acre Certified Organic growing area located below the southern tip of Japan in the Sea of Japan near the China coast. To be classified as Internationally Certified Organic growing waters, the area is weekly tested and must have an minimum of 3 year continuous “Clean” results to make this classification. The “Ecocert” program based in France, is much stricter then the USDA Organic program.

The prevailing winds and currents near Japan, travel from south to north, eventually circling around and head from north to south down the western coast of the United States. Even though there was virtually no threat to our geographic location, our factory conducted Daily Radiation Testing early on with continued testing still on going. All tests have shown 100 % non detectable results.

In addition, we send samples to an independent Lab located here in the U.S. (New Jersey) We test for all known isotopes of Radiation from earthquake disaster and have been found 100 % non detectable in all categories.

Please be assured that our Raw Organic Nori is safe and unaffected. We will continue to constantly monitor our supply to ensure the safety of our customers.”


So although it is grown in Japan, it is tested both in Japan and the USA. Most of the commercially available nori is not even tested. I know, I looked into this because I love sushi and I want to do my best to avoid radiation from the fallout of Fukashima. How can we continue to enjoy the seafood we love?

Not reckless abandon, but not needless paranoia either. The answer is to find a trusted and tested source.



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  1. Michael

    Hi Rena,

    Just wanted to thank you profusely for sharing this wisdom about the best quality Nori available with people. It is indeed a challenge to stay on top of everything and secure only the safest and healthiest whole food ingredients 🙂

    Love & Light to you! And Blessings and Fun!


  2. Yvette

    Are you aware that the Pacific currents will bring the radiation from Fukushima to the Pacific coast of Canada and the US? In fact, the nori grown here in the Pacific Northwest is now most likely has a higher level of radiation than that grown in the waters off of Northern Japan, at least based upon the initial leaks. The level of radiation of water released subsequently, both treated and untreated, is unknown. Personally, I don’t care to risk the stuff, even though I love it.

    Here’s a link to an article about some testing done on nori grown and harvested in BC:

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