Echoing on in Song
(dedicated to the memory of Steve Trayler, written by Rena Patrick)

Steve I remember you best in song
the sound of your voice and guitar echoes on
Writer of some of my favorites,
fellow poet of the west coast
writing ballads of our collective history
Love of stories,
Words connected he and I
Heated debates we had, inspired the creation of Poetry Pigeonhole and
Honouring historic changes within your lifetime with
Non Timber Forest Products
and Valentino
I danced to your songs every chance I got
and made you smile
She left me for Jesus
at the Sunday afternoon jam,
Your pictures present at my very first art show
in the Fools Gallery years ago
when I wondered who you were
along the same lines as mine,
except yours were in fine lines and detail
Mine painted in colors and impressions
a contrast yet similarity in style
Honouring character and place
as it changes and as it stays the same,
With the main work of your career
dedicated to trying to help others
a compassionate man
who tried to understand
The tragic tales that befall those around us,
Driven mad caught between compassion and effectiveness
Turned to the water, and boating
For enjoyment and beauty to be the main thing
to share with others the enjoyment of our waters
without the pursuit of prey,
It was the water that took you on your way
On a quiet night,
a tragedy too soon,
but a way that others would wish to go
with no trips to hospitals or old folks homes,
no lengthy illness to make you dread your fate
That everyone shares at the end of all our days
Just a cold sparkling starlight night for your journey
and all of us here to remember you
Remember you best in song
When we hear your voice echoing on.