In every tale of myth and magic, when magic happens it is conjured into being by saying the magic words, a poem or a rhyme of some discript that causes the magic to happen. I am a poet, and I can write such a poem for you, as well as show you a technique to use that poem to create the changes you wish to see in your life. The method I use is a techniqe called EFT which works on the body mind connection. (link available soon) Its free to learn the basics, and on the EFT website, you can learn in depth uses of this technique.

I am a poet and an adventurer on the roads of life, with one hand in the dirt and one hand in the clouds. If you want a scientificly prooven method along with an element of maigc, I may be your choice of a helper.

I am a person who has found myself able to overcome dozens of problems using this technique, and gaining emotional freedom has helped me gain control over my own life and destiny.

EFT is a word based therapy. As a poet, I can help write out your story of the problem you wish to overcome, and find powerful evocitive phrases to help you get free of your problems.

I was on the way to becoming a practitioner under the original EFT method, which has since been changed. I haveĀ  attended EFT workshops, watched the training videos and helped 100 people.

This service is being offered by donation.

I encourage you to donate twice, once upon contact, having me write the poem for you and guide you in its use, and once again when you see results in your life from being free of the problem.

And I thank you if you give me the opportunity to help bring healing to your life with this service, and with this use of my gift of words.