I hear your voice
Clear and cool as water
Soft as sunshine filtered through the forest
Loving life in all its chaotic splendour
Your thoughts speak to me through what you created
As a gift to yourself and the world
From within your mind
housed in your brain
encased in your head
now needing us to reach out to you
in your journey
how loved and treasured you are amoung us
how beauty and happiness hang by a thread in this world
from one day to the next
We give you love and light for your journey
we give you strength and sustinance
we give you the chance to experience the miraculous
and to know how well you are loved
and what a difference you have made.



This poem is written, and used with meditation and EFT to help someone, a beautiful, warm and caring person who is also a brilliant singer, recently diagnosed with brain cancer. This is for the community around the person to use directing the benifits towards the person.

Notice how the poem focuses on the person in health and happiness, not so much on the illness, aknlowdge it, but do not give it power.