The Homegrown show for January 4, 2015 featured the music of Sunday Dennis, a Quadra Island/Comox Valley musician who’s clear sweet voice sing an awsome album full of orginial songs, except for one, Moonshiner, which is traditional bluegrass, I believe.

She gets played regularly on the Homegrown show. I have her album Bloom. She is also in the automatic playlists at Cortes Radio. I was searching the internet for an online link to promote her album, since she needs to raise 300 000$ for medical treatment as soon as possible, and she has published a good quality album that could do this for her if  people find it and listen.

She is at the moment experiencing a time of dire need, as she has been diagnosed with brain cancer and the better option for treatment to help her survive is not available in Canada. It would be a shame to lose this woman of incredible beauty and talent, from our community and from our world.

A benifit show for her is being held next Saturday night at the Waverly hotel in Cumberland BC.

here’s a link to her video Bloom

here’s a link to her crowdfunding page

here’s a link to some sample songs of hers on Reverbnation