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Echoing on in Song

Echoing on in Song
(dedicated to the memory of Steve Trayler, written by Rena Patrick)

Steve I remember you best in song
the sound of your voice and guitar echoes on
Writer of some of my favorites,
fellow poet of the west coast
writing ballads of our collective history
Love of stories,
Words connected he and I
Heated debates we had, inspired the creation of Poetry Pigeonhole and
Honouring historic changes within your lifetime with
Non Timber Forest Products
and Valentino
I danced to your songs every chance I got
and made you smile
She left me for Jesus
at the Sunday afternoon jam,
Your pictures present at my very first art show
in the Fools Gallery years ago
when I wondered who you were
along the same lines as mine,
except yours were in fine lines and detail
Mine painted in colors and impressions
a contrast yet similarity in style
Honouring character and place
as it changes and as it stays the same,
With the main work of your career
dedicated to trying to help others
a compassionate man
who tried to understand
The tragic tales that befall those around us,
Driven mad caught between compassion and effectiveness
Turned to the water, and boating
For enjoyment and beauty to be the main thing
to share with others the enjoyment of our waters
without the pursuit of prey,
It was the water that took you on your way
On a quiet night,
a tragedy too soon,
but a way that others would wish to go
with no trips to hospitals or old folks homes,
no lengthy illness to make you dread your fate
That everyone shares at the end of all our days
Just a cold sparkling starlight night for your journey
and all of us here to remember you
Remember you best in song
When we hear your voice echoing on.

(28) Cortes Rocks

(28) Cortes Rocks.

They played the Mayday dance on Quadra Island last spring, with their unique and original style of country music from the islands. They have a place on the Homegrown show for sure.

The Sweet Lowdown


A girl bluegrass style band from Victoria who played a great dance at the HBI in the winter. I am so glad to have their music on the Homegrown Show.


The Sweet Lowdown: The Sweet Lowdown

this is the main album I play. Here are some of their others

The Sweet Lowdown: May
The Sweet Lowdown: Live Off the Floor

Andy Vine


Here’s a link to his album, Making Waves, which I often play on the Homegrown Show

Great BC musician, I discovered his music at the Cortez radio studio during the early days. I especially like the poem Sea Fever, set to muisc and sung by him. His most famous song is Women of Labrador.


Andy Vine: Making Waves

Fraser Union


Another great band often played on the Homegrown show. Their music celebrates lives past and present, honours the history and culture of BC. Which is part of why we love them

There are two main albums of theirs I use on the Homegrown Show. There are Hello Stranger and From There to Here.


Fraser Union: Hello, Stranger


Fraser Union: From There to Here

Here is the bands’s own site Fraser Union Home.


Tim Hus – Canadiana Cowboy Music

Here is Tim Hus, and his album, songs of Western Canada.

He’s the writer of such Homegrown hits as “the Gravel Pit” and the “Seine Boat Song,” and “Big Wood Timber” his songs have a great beat and capture moments in history, celebrating different aspects of our lives in this fantastic place and time.

Tim Hus: Songs of West Canada

Eileen Quinn – music for sailors … and normal people


This is the great Canadian writer of sailing songs that are fun and catchy tunes, which I love to play on the homegrown show. Including the great hit, Miss Inclined, and Dancing with the Moon. Her album Miss Inclined is the one that most often contributes to the Homegrown show.


Eileen Quinn: Miss Inclined


Eileen Quinn – music for sailors … and normal people.

The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra

TMO for short, is a fabulous ecelctic band from Cortes who have a truely unique and individual style of music. Two albums most often played on the Homegrown show are Carte Blanche and Follow my Lead,  Lead Me to Follow.


The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra: The Blanche Album


The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra: Follow My Lead, Lead Me to Follow

Welcome to the Official Carl Dixon Website

Welcome to the Official Carl Dixon Website.

Original Canadian Songwriter whom I discovered in the studio of Cortez radio during the early days of Rockin’ it With Rees and Rena. His greatest hit, in my humble opinion, is the song, Lost in Time, where he goes on about younger people today idealizing a previous era of freakiness and freedom, which is something I think about quite a bit when playing songs on this show. His song captures the feel of it, from the point of veiw of a person who actually was around then and has a realistic picture of it, as opposed to someone who only idealizes it.

The Official Kate Wolf Website – Home

The Official Kate Wolf Website – Home.

Although Kate Wolf is not a Homegrown musician, being from California, she is often played on the Homegrown show because of the magical and beautiful quality of her music. I love the magical way her songs came into my life when I was giving a friend a ride to his home,  which was a long drive, and he happened to find this tape in the parking lot of the dock. Putting it on the tape player, we heard these fabulous songs which I would often like to include on my radio show. There is a festival in her honour every year. We found this tape in the summer of 2010, more than 20 years after Kate Wolf died from cancer at 37 years of age, in California, her songs touched the hearts and lives of a lot of people here on the BC coast.

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