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The Bottomfeeders – Music From the Shores of Clayoquot Sound

The Bottomfeeders – Music From the Shores of Clayoquot Sound.

Here is a link to the Bottomfeeders, the great Tofino band who came up with such hits as “the Drunkest Deckhand” “Gooseneck Barnacle Pickers,” and “Clam Digger” I use their music often on the Homegrown Show. They honour the fishing life with humour and cheer, as well as with heartfelt songs, and they also play some traditional folk songs. Long live the great Bottomfeeders! I hope they write some more soon, so I can play more of their stuff.

The Crooked Brothers

In the summer of 2010 there was a fabulous backyard concert on Quadra Island in which I opened for this excellent prairie band doing poetry. It was on a hot August evening, and I didn’t know I would be part of the opening act. Their music was so great, it echoes on the airways of Cortez radio on the Homegrown show regularly, my favorite song of theirs is “Standing Still” which captures the feeling of those all night drives through the mountains in old junky vehicles. They have a lot of other really great songs as well.

Their album, Deathbed Pillowtalk was an awesome addition to the Homegrown Show. It includes hits such as Rust Scars and Sunday Dress.


Crooked Brothers: Deathbed Pillowtalk


Shallow Waters Official Music Video Latest Version: 10 year old Ta’Kaiya Blaney & Aileen De La Cruz – YouTube

Shallow Waters Official Music Video Latest Version: 10 year old Ta’Kaiya Blaney & Aileen De La Cruz – YouTube.

This song was recently played on the homegrown show, March 6th, it moved me to tears the first time I heard it, an amazing song by a gifted young artist, sung with the intent to communicate the fantastic beauty and life of the BC coast and looming tragedy if it is lost to careless industry, oil spills from pipelines and tankers. This is an incredibly powerful song.

Cameron Gunn | Vancouver, BC, CA | Folk / Blues / Soul | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation

Cameron Gunn | Vancouver, BC, CA | Folk / Blues / Soul | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation.


Cameron Gunn is a musician from Quadra who plays at the Cortez music fest regularly. His original songs are often played on the Homegrown show. He is the creator of Halfway Around.

Opal Blue

Opal Blue.

This is a famous singer/songwriter from Sonora Island, who played extensively at the HBI in the early days of her career, and is often played on the Homegrown Show.

Dave Carlson

Dave Carlson is a musician I play regularly on the Homegrown show. He was a unique individual who lived in Dodge Cove, and worked at Love Electric in Prince Rupert. He drove an old Triumph or Norton motorbike and hauled it back and forth every day in his herring skiff. I met him on my very first trip up the coast with Zoe in the Sailfish. He played his original songs for hours at a party up on the deck of the boat when it was tied up at Cow Bay. He often came and ate lunch with us when we were in Prince Rupert. He died in ’96 or 97, without ever releasing any of his excellent music. The only recorded copies of it known to exist are what myself and Derek copied to digital off of an old tape that he made for Zoe, before it wore out from constant use because everyone liked it so much. If anyone who reads this has anything to add or more info or knows of more of his recorded music out there anywhere, I would love to play more of his songs on the Homegrown Show. I am not certain what the titles of his songs all are. I hope I am honouring his memory well keeping his music alive on the Homegrown Show. He wrote songs that capture the feel of the northern BC coast, its fishing towns, the enroachment of civilization on the freedom loving way of life, its rugged beauty, perilous weather, and rough waters that suddenly turn to sparkling sunshine on the spur of the moment.  Some of the songs of his I have played are “the Yacht club” and “Oona River” I can’t post a link to his music because as far as I know, there aren’t any.

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